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Spoko Polish is a collaborative team of progressive and passionate teachers of Polish as a foreign language. Additionally to working as a school we also run as a community project to help foreigners find their feet in Poland.

We strive to shift the way Polish is taught as a foreign language. We are inclusive, anti-discriminatory and develop our own ways of teaching contemporary Polish, drawing on various teaching methods and adhering directly to CEFR language level definitions.

Through our friendly learning environment and a variety of modern methods that draw on the pleasure and satisfaction students gain through learning new skills, we enable our students to achieve sustained progress and develop the skills and confidence to interact in Polish.

Our mission is to contribute to a well-integrated, tolerant, multicultural society in Poland through language teaching, cultural activities and community-oriented projects.

Spoko Polish’s individual way of teaching makes it easy to improve your polish language skills quickly, especially the speaking-part! Additionally you are getting information about life and culture in Poland! Lessons are very well prepared and manage to explain some of the weirdest grammar rules:D Spoko Polish’s offer of regular, free language-meeting in the evening is just a great opportunity to practice some of your polish in a spoko and tolerant environment, on top you are meeting very nice and interesting people too;) I can highly recommend Spoko Polish for everyone! I had an awesome time and learned a lot. - Christiane, Germany

I've tried everything when it comes to language learning. Nothing beats having a teacher that is willing to throw the old textbooks in the trash, and approach language from a practical perspective. That's what Jurek does. Throw in a good community where you get to go practice what you learn and you can't fail! - Robert, Norway

Jurek of Spoko Polish is a fantastic teacher and a good friend! At Spoko Polish meetings, I was able to practice my speaking skills in a comfortable environment and also meet new, interesting people from around the world. It doesn't matter what your level of Polish is as they make sure everyone is involved. - Sarah, United Kingdom

Polish is not an easy language for most of us, but Jurek at Spoko Polish knows how to teach you. You can follow his method, you can bring your own language books or ask him to explain you more about a certain subject. What I also like is that Jurek explains in English, so it's easier to understand what it is all about. So if you want to learn Polish I can recommend Spoko Polish! - Ingo, Netherlands

I’m having weekly Polish lessons with Spoko Polish since March 2017. As I’m from Czech Republic, Jurek is always customizing the content of the lessons to what is relevant for my language background. He helped me with complicated differences I was struggling with as a Czech speaker, and I must say that it is mainly thanks to him I can now confidently have conversations in Polish – even in my job. I would recommend [Spoko Polish] to anyone, regardless of their background or experience with Polish. - Tomáš, Czech Republic

I started learning Polish with Spoko Polish while I was studying in Krakow. I really liked the approach to teaching. The combination of easy to understand explanations, learning games and practical lessons (walking around the markets etc) was great fun and made learning Polish exciting. I also really like the approach of connecting as a group. - Kat, Germany

Spoko Polish - это супер встречи и замечательная возможность попрактиковать польский язык, но это ещё не всё! Это также возможность пообщаться с интересными людьми, возможно найти друзей и просто весело провести время. Все встречи проходят на польском языке. Не переживайте , присоединиться можно на любом уровне изучения польского, а Юрек поможет разобраться в непонятных для вас нюансах и подскажет пару десятков новых слов. Рекомендую встречи с Spoko Polish всем и каждому! - Valentyna, Ukraine

Jurek is a great teacher who organises a community around speaking Polish. If you are bored with the old methods of frontal teaching, where you just fall asleep on the classes then go to [Spoko Polish]. Jurek teaches Polish as it is used in everyday life and has great ways of explaining grammar, connecting it to several different languages he knows and used to learn. Polecam! - Gábor, Hungary

C'est un excellent meeting pour parler et progresser en polonais. Jurek (l'organisateur) fait tout pour que vous vous sentiez à l'aise. De plus, il est très pédagogue. Donc, n'hésitez pas à venir faire un tour car c'est probablement le meilleur moyen de parfaire son niveau. - Romain, France

Мала у Юрка 2 курси. Завданням було зняття мовного бар'єру і вдалося:) Сама не помітила як почала легко спілкуватися польською мовою. Уроки проходять цікаво, в невимушеній і легкій атмосфері. Що важливо: вчиш "живу", а не академічну книжкову мову. Приємний бонус - покращила знайомість міста, особливо по частині добрих притульних кав'ярень-цукерень. Декотрі стали моїми улюбленими :) - Evgeniya, Ukraine

One of my favourite communities in town! It’s a friendly environment where you can practice Polish easily, while having a drink. It did help me to lose barriers and to build confidence while speaking. Come and join us! - Tina, Kazakhstan


In September 2020, thanks to the support of Wroclaw's Microgrants, we will run a series of free meetings: "Polish jest Spoko!"

In the project, we welcome all learners of Polish to a friendly atmosphere in Wroclaw, where we will use fun and engaging games to learn to make conversations together, and, most importantly, get rid of shyness associated with speaking Polish! During our workshops, we will move around selected areas of everyday life in a Polish city; we'll learn how to handle a neighbor in an elevator, shop in a greengrocer, or visit a doctor without stress.

Polish native speakers are also welcome at our meetings. It will be a great opportunity to make new friends, share your practical knowledge about life in our city and learn how to speak Polish with people from abroad!

We want to break the discouraging rumors about the impossibility of learning Polish and create a comfortable space for learners to practice, as well as meet new friends! More details soon!


Mamy wizję stać się platformą współpracy entuzjastycznych nauczycieli i nauczycielek z pasją do rozwoju nowych trendów w nauczania języka polskiego jako obcego. Jeśli uczysz obcokrajowców polskiego i nudzi Cię klepanie lekcji z "Hurra", zastanawiasz się jaki sens ma uczenie grup złożonych z ośmiorga Ukraińców i czworga Amerykanów, brakuje Ci postępowych metod nauczania opartych na psychologii przyswajania wiedzy i umiejętności, mierzi Cię seksizm w podręcznikach czy po prostu Twoje obecne miejsce pracy hamuje Twój entuzjazm dla wprowadzania nowych metod nauczania, zgłoś się do nas!

Jesteśmy zainteresowani współpracą nie tylko z osobami, które chciałyby dorobić sobie kilkoma godzinami dodatkowej pracy w tygodniu, ale też (a może przede wszystkim) takimi, które chciałyby wziąć udział w tworzeniu przyszłości Spoko Polish poprzez współorganizację kursów, współtworzenie materiałów, programów nauczania, spotkań czy też wspólne wdrażanie innych, własnych pomysłów.

Jeśli masz PASJĘ do języków, DOŚWIADCZENIE w nauczaniu polskiego jako obcego i jesteś SPOKO, to pisz do nas na :)

JUREK is passionate about linguistics and acquiring foreign languages. He loves learning and teaching. He graduated in robotics, hitchhiked around half the world, lived and worked in 6 countries on 3 continents before coming back to his home country to connect his passions through teaching his native language to foreigners. He can speak, understand or read about 10 languages from 5 different language families to a various extent.

In teaching, inspired by robotics, he focuses on deconstructing complex concepts and feeding them to you in digestible chunks, providing the best effort-to-results ratio. He loves to help people associate words and concepts with things they're already familiar with and use other tricks that have helped him learn languages himself. He believes language is an ever-evolving, living organism we can all shape and instead of conservative correctness, we should focus on effectively delivering our thoughts. He loves how Polish allows you to be extremely playful with the language.

ANIA is an enthusiast of linguistics and slavic languages. She graduated in psychology and slavic philology. She is passionate about the origins of language, the way the language shapes our minds, the way our brains store and learn languages. She loves to meet people from different countries and listen to their stories. A linguistic geek who likes to check the etymology of different words and listen to old recordings of Polish dialects. Recently she is in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina. In her free time she reads unknown slavic literature and sings in one of Cracow’s ethnic bands. Ania co-works for the Polish Academy of Sciences.

MAGDA is passionate about Slavic languages. A Ukrainian studies graduate, she also works as a soft skill trainer. Therefore, a psychological approach to learning languages is used in her lessons. Magda enjoys teaching as much as drinking good coffee (which means a lot) so her lessons are carried out with remarkable energy, care and patience.

ADA is addicted to yoga and traveling. After graduating from journalism and PR studies, she joined the aviation world professionally. Fueled by her love of multicultural environments, she went on to graduate Polish as a foreign language studies and started her teaching experience, practising on stewardesses and pilots. As well as being a passionate teacher, she herself is a committed language learner. She is currently exploring Spanish and Swedish.

AGNIESZKA is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher, in love with Polish language. After graduating from sociology and pedagogy, she studied Polish as a foreign language studies. In her ‘day job’, she supports foreigners as a member of Erasmus+ team at Wrocław University of Economics and is the volunteer coordinator in Wrocław Na Językach Świata Polish language program. She likes to be in nature, sing and laugh.