Spoko Polish is a non-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO)

Spoko Polish is a grassroots team of professionals and activists from Poland and Ukraine, striving to empower migrants in Poland through improving their Polish language skills through teaching, developing new methods, organising events, campaigns and more. 

We want every migrant in Poland to be able to access efficient, comprehensive Polish language education.

Over the course of our activities we have cooperated with over 10 different NGOs in Wrocław, Kraków and Toruń, from running single events promoting social interaction and improving skills on Polish language, to long-term cooperation running courses for refugees, training volunteers and more.

Our projects

Open language meetings

Our meetings, running since 2015, are always free, relaxed and open to any Polish language learners. We welcome people of all levels of Polish, parts of the world, ages, genders and, generally, everyone! Certainly, our meetings are a great space to practice, meet new people and just hang out speaking Polish. 

We create a safe space not only for developing Polish language skills but also for growing friendships or forming support groups for people who are new in Poland or Wrocław. Thus, fostering community cultural exchange.

The format of our meetings is simple: just bring yourself, grab a drink from the bar, join us and challenge yourself to converse ONLY in Polish. Don’t worry! We’re all learners here, committed to building a supportive language learning community.  And don’t worry, no one is going to pick on your grammar! Above all, this is a space safe to practice together!

Supported places

Working with the Nomada Association we offer supported spots in our courses for people in disadvantaged life situations or people who may face exclusion in the wider society. The price of the supported spots is 25% of the standard course rate.

Free courses for LGBTQ+ refugees from Ukraine

Working with Kultura Równości we offer free of charge Polish courses for LGBTQ+ refugees from Ukraine.

Free proffession-oriented courses for refugees from Ukraine

Working with Alight we have offered free of charge profession-oriented Polish courses for refugees from Ukraine working in beauty industry. We have more courses in preparation.

Ukrainian for NGOs

Since 2023 we have been teaching Ukrainian to Polish people working in various NGOs and grass-roots projects with Ukrainian refugees.

Creating modern didactic materials

We focus on creating teaching materials that have a Diverse and Inclusive representation of various groups of people and are constructed in a way that people from all language backgrounds can learn Polish successfully and efficiently.


In 2020, with the support of Wroclaw city municipality’s Mikrogranty and Strefa Kultury Wrocław, we held our “Polish jest Spoko” meeting series. We hosted 8 relaxed & friendly workshops to help Polish language learners at all levels participate in the community cultural exchange.


Partner organisations and projects 


Nomada is an association for the integration of a multicultural society, a non-governmental organisation working for human rights in Wrocław. Works with migrant communities, ethnic and religious minorities and excluded groups. It operates mainly in Wrocław and responds to the needs of people from other cities in interventions. Provides free counselling, e.g. in the field of documenting stay and work in Poland, international protection and violence motivated by prejudice.

Kultura Równości

Kultura Równości (Culture of Equality) is an organisation working to improve the lives of LGBT+ people living in Wrocław as well as the whole Poland and building a society that is safe, open to diversity and friendly to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and non-binary, asexual people.


We are Alight is an international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the last 40 years. They work closely with refugees, trafficked persons, and economic migrants, to co-design solutions that help them build full and fulfilling lives.

Alight supported our projects in 2022 and 2023 in response to the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine and refugee situation in Poland.

Centrum Integracji łącznik

The Torunian Centrum Integracji Łącznik is an initiative of the Kosmos Foundation. The organisation supports people experiencing political and economic migration, as well as all forms of exclusion and discrimination based on origin by providing legal and psychological assistance.  They support parents by offering them the space for the integration, workshops, classes and day room for children. Their mission is helping the ethnic and national minorities, education on anti-discrimination practices and creating a hospitable and empowering public space. 

Pyxera Global & Dell Consulting Workshop

In June 2022, thanks to support from Pyxera Global, we took part in a Consulting Workshop provided by Dell Technologies. This workshop provided us new skills in the fields of budget and strategy planning and brand building, allowing our team to gain professional skills in the field of organisation management which let Spoko Polish grow further and more efficiently.