We support community cultural exchange & integration:

  • We host regular, free Polish conversation meetings in Wrocław. Importantly, our meetings are open to Polish language learners at all levels! The welcoming, inclusive vibe of these meetings nurtures new friendships. Thus, we support social connectedness & community cultural exchange.
  • Cooperating with local NGOs in the community, so as to build a wide support network for foreigners in Poland.
  • Creating a supportive network for teachers to develop new, more effective ways of teaching the Polish language.

Our community Polish conversation meetings

Our meetings, running since 2015, are always free, relaxed and open to any Polish language learners. We welcome people of all levels of Polish, parts of the world, ages, genders and, generally, everyone! Certainly, our meetings are a great space to practice, meet new people and just hang out speaking Polish. 

We create a safe space not only for developing Polish language skills but also for growing friendships or forming support groups for people who are new in Poland or Wrocław. Thus, fostering community cultural exchange.

The format of our meetings is simple: just bring yourself, grab a drink from the bar, join us and challenge yourself to converse ONLY in Polish. Don’t worry! We’re all learners here, committed to building a supportive language learning community.  And don’t worry, no one is going to pick on your grammar! Above all, this is a space safe to practice together!


Past community projects 


In 2020, with the support of Wroclaw city municipality’s Mikrogranty and Strefa Kultury Wrocław, we held our “Polish jest Spoko” meeting series. We hosted 8 relaxed & friendly workshops to help Polish language learners at all levels participate in the community cultural exchange.

Each meeting focused on a different everyday situation that foreigners face in life in a Polish city – everything from how to make small talk with a neighbour, shop independently at a local market, to visiting a doctor without stress. Our aim was to create a comfortable space for learners to practice, have fun and meet new friends!