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At our Polish language school, our semester-long Polish courses follow our own unique program. Most importantly, all our courses are developed in direct adherence to CEFR language level definitions.

We offer programs at A1 & A2 levels as well as special state exam preparation courses.

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Details about our online semester Polish language courses, 2024
Course length45 hours (4 months)Class size4-6 students
Number of lessons30Lesson timesPlease contact us
LocationOnline via GG meetLesson daysMonday – Thursday
Course structure2 x 90-minutes per weekStart dates25th Jan, 28th May, 25th Sep 2024
CostFrom 429 zł per month
Language of instructionEnglish, French, Spanish or Ukrainian

Course description



A1.1 Survival Polish teaches you basic vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation to help you get by in daily life in Poland. It’s good for total beginners for whom Polish will be their first foreign language OR people who aren’t able to commit time to regular practice between classes.

A1.2 First Steps in Polish allows you to start building your own phrases and react to situations. It’s good for those of you who have a good vocabulary base but lack grammar skills or are feeling lost after studying at other schools or through self-study.

Full A1 Polish takes you from 0 to beginner level in 32 lessons. This course combines A1.1 + A1.2 into one semester. It’s good for those of you who speak no or very little Polish, have successfully learnt a foreign language in the past and can commit to some regular spoken and written practice between classes.

A2.1 Finding Your Voice in Polish builds on your existing knowledge base in elementary usage of basic tenses and cases to enable you to express yourself and your opinion. Within this course, you start having basic casual conversations. Also, you’ll start negotiating things like when and where you and your friends will meet to hang out and have fun!

A2.2 Living in Poland widens your ability to express yourself and expands the range of situations you are able to deal with. Going to the bank, renting an apartment, using local services… You will gain confidence interacting in your local community to get things done. As a result, you’ll strengthen your feeling of independence in daily life in Poland.

A2.3 Tuning into Polish allows you to take in more information from the media, culture and interactions with and between native speakers. You’ll get to talk about things like urban spaces, remote work and discrimination. Additionally, you’ll make a presentation on your topic of interest. Meanwhile, you’ll hone your grammar skills, while expanding on verbs of motion, aspects and more.

Exam preparation courses

B1 exam preparation helps prepare you to take the official Polish state B1 exam, a requirement for those seeking Polish residency or citizenship. Students must already be at B1 level Polish. To enter this course you must qualify through our test.

B2 exam preparation helps prepare you to take the official Polish state B2 exam. Students must already be at B2 level Polish.To enter this course you must qualify through our test.

Please register via our form here, so we can find out more about your current level of Polish & language background.

Ukraiński dla Polaków

Ukraiński dla PolakówEkipa Spoko Polish w odpowiedzi na rosnące zapotrzebowanie stworzyła autorskie kursy języka ukraińskiego dla osób polskojęzycznych. Jesteśmy organizacją pozarządową, wspierającą osoby z zagranicy w Polsce poprzez edukację językową. Mamy 7 lat doświadczenia w nauczaniu języków i współpracy z innymi organizacjami.

W 2023 roku stworzyłyśmy kurs języka ukraińskiego przystosowany specjalnie do potrzeb osób, dla których polski jest językiem ojczystym, pracujących w organizacjach pozarządowych lub firmach. Celem kursu jest umożliwienie komunikacji oraz zrozumienia różnic i podobieństw pomiędzy polskim, a ukraińskim od pierwszego dnia zajęć.

Elementy słownictwa i wyrażeń w programie dostosowujemy do potrzeb konkretnej grupy, czy organizacji. Uczymy żywego, współczesnego języka ukraińskiego na ciekawych, autentycznych przykładach.

Nauka odbywa się w małych grupach, online, a w niektórych miastach Polski jest możliwość zorganizowania grupy offline. Wszystkie materiały są w cenie kursu.

Oferujemy 25-godzinne kursy, od zera do B1.

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Podszlifuj swój polski

Mini kurs dla osób słowiańskojęzycznych. 

Uczysz się polskiego od dłuższego czasu i wciąż popełniasz frustrujące błędy?
Nie wierzysz, że możesz pozbyć się tych błędów w 1 miesiąc? Ten kurs Cię przekona, że możesz!

Poznaj podobieństwa i różnice między polskim a innymi językami słowiańskimi. Nasi nauczyciele doskonale znają polski, ukraiński i rosyjski.

Szczegóły kursu: 2 razy w tygodniu po 1,5h (łącznie 12h).

Cena: 590 zł.

Mała grupa: od 4 do 8 osób

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Not only are the teachers extremely encouraging, they are creative and innovative in their methods. They teach Polish grammar in a way that is easier to remember and understand. Anyone struggling to learn the language, should try the spoko polish way!

Tina, Malaysia

We learn Polish step by step, in small pieces, so that a stable base of knowledge slowly grows. After nearly one year of online lessons, I am still having fun and motivated to learn polish in the online classes. Also, in my class, I feel part of an international community of Polish learners. So, I can totally recommend it!

Paco, Germany

“I love the Polish course! I like the teacher’s approach and use of apps to help with vocabulary learning. I like the step-by-step approach with grammar – you have time to understand and an opportunity to try and use it before you learn the next chunk.

Sylvia, UK

I have a wonderful teacher who is incredibly patient and always willing to answer our questions. Time on the lessons often flies by! I am looking forward to my second semester with Spoko Polish!

Emily, USA

Individual lessons give you the greatest flexibility to arrange lesson times to suit your schedule and provide you with one of our teachers who’ll design the lessons to meet your specific learning needs. Currently teaching takes place online.

We offer a special program for native speakers of English. Adjusted to your specific needs. We also currently provide individual classes held in French, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Individual lessons are sold in monthly (4-week) packages. You choose how many classes per week you want and the lesson length. Your hourly rate depends on the sum of the lesson time per week.

In Spoko Polish, you choose your own lesson length and frequency! For best results, we recommend at least 2×90 minutes per week.

2024 hourly rate
hours per weekyour rate
45min – 2hr124zł / 60min
2.5hr – 4.5hr119zł / 60min
5hr+114zł / 60min

*There is a possibility to get a 10% discount if your classes take place between 10am and 5pm Monday-Friday. Number of spots is limited!

Trial class price is the same as one hour class in your package.

The teachers are very passionate, creative, patient and well-prepared! Individual lessons are customised to your needs. Plus, the teachers always find a way to make the learning interesting. And, they had flexible schedules.

Zsuzsa, Hungary

I have a really passionate and encouraging teacher! Their individual way of teaching makes it easy to improve your Polish language skills quickly, especially the speaking-part! I can highly recommend spoko-polish for everyone! I had an awesome time and learned a lot!

Christina, Germany

Polish is not an easy language for most of us, but Spoko knows how to teach you. They explain in English, so it’s easier to understand what it is all about. So if you want to learn Polish, I recommend Spoko Polish!

Ingo, Netherlands

Spoko Polish offers courses within your workplace for small groups OR individuals.

Spoko Polish matches people in small groups based on their language backgrounds: English native-speakers, Slavic language speakers and other language backgrounds. This is because we recognise that people have different strengths and difficulties based on their starting point.

With over 5 years experience teaching satisfied corporate and individual clients on the Kraków and Wrocław market, Spoko Polish is the best choice to provide Polish language classes for your employees. Please contact us to book a Polish course for your employees today!

Spoko Polish pricing guide:
Individual course4-7 lessons a month

8+ lessons a month

150zl / 60min

135zl / 60min

2-3 students group course4-7 lessons a month

8+ lessons a month

180zl / 60min

150zl / 60min

4-8 students group course4-7 lessons a month

8+ lessons a month

220zl / 60min

200zl / 60min

Course typeFrequencyPrice*

* Cancelation and deadline policies apply for all packages

Monthly tax invoices with billing are provided each month.

Contact us for a special quote for your company’s specific needs at info@spokopolish.pl

Our employees are having lots of fun with Spoko Polish, while also making great progress in their Polish! The lessons help our team to communicate more freely – thus, improving the efficiency and morale of our crew.

NoLabel Team

Thanks to Spoko Polish, I can now confidently have conversations in Polish – even in my job. The lessons are always customized and help me with the complicated differences I was having as a Czech speaker.

Tomáš, Czech Republic

If you are bored with the old methods where you just fall asleep in classes then – go to Spoko! They have great ways of explaining grammar. Polecam!

Gábor, Hungary