Slide Learn Polish language online with our unique courses for foreigners Spoko Polish is a collaborative team of progressive and passionate teachers of Polish as a foreign language. We strive to shift the way Polish language is taught. We are inclusive, anti-discriminatory and develop our own ways of teaching contemporary Polish in direct adherence to CEFR language level definitions.

A Polish language school with a difference

  • Own system

    We’re the only Polish school teaching with our own system – based on CEFR

  • Own materials

    We create our own materials & lesson plans

  • Logical, comprehensive, STEP-BY-STEP grammar explanations

    Complex concepts are stripped apart and fed to you in smaller chunks. As a result, you gradually build your understanding of grammar logically. Therefore, we strengthen your ability to apply grammar in practice

  • Instruction in a language you speak

    We teach in English (or Ukrainian, Russian, French or Spanish) on basic levels. Then, gradually shift to teaching in Polish

NGO & language school

In addition to being a language school, we’re also a non-government organisation (NGO) working to help foreigners find their feet in Poland. Thus, we contribute to a well-integrated, tolerant, multicultural society in Poland.

PURPOSETo empower a progressive society by teaching Polish effectively in an accessible and inclusive way
VISIONTo revolutionise how Polish is taught and change awareness of learning Polish language globally. To teach Polish based on current science, publish modern, inclusive materials and be accessible for every language & social background with an emphasis on supporting people in crisis through our teaching and social projects. To train new generations of teachers in a socially progressive workspace. To become an organisation of diverse change-makers, widely recognised for our quality
CULTURAL CODEPassionate teachers, who create genuine connections with their students. Contributing to a well-integrated, multicultural society in Poland through our cultural activities and community-oriented projects

Featured Teachers



English, Ukrainian
Magda is passionate about Slavic languages. A Ukrainian studies graduate, she also works as a soft skill trainer. Therefore, a psychological approach to learning languages is used in her lessons. Magda enjoys teaching as much as drinking good coffee (which means a lot) so her lessons are carried out with remarkable energy, care and patience.


English, French
Karolina is constantly studying. She deals with languages, contemporary philosophy and traditional culture in Poland, particularly in the Kujawy region. In her spare time she sings traditional songs and walks in the mountains. She speaks English, French and Spanish. Karolina believes that each language is a total universe in which everything is connected. She enjoys learning and teaching languages firstly because of their cultural richness, hidden in music and linguistic habits.

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