• How literal can I be?

    How literal can I be?

    So you’re already exploring the new universe of Polish. Perhaps you’re just looking around, not sure if you want to stay in it. Or maybe you’re already on the move, checking things here and there. Or you’ve gone through several levels and you’re craving more? In all of these stages, there is something you already…

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  • Greeting the Poles

    Greeting the Poles

    Ok, let’s do a quiz.  1. You are in a bakery and you want to say hello to the person behind the counter. What do you say? And what if the shop assistant is younger than you? And what if they’re older but you know their name? You guessed it, Dzien dobry is the only…

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  • Internationalisms


    Learning a new language is difficult, learning a language from a new language family – that’s a real challenge. The words don’t mean anything to you, everything sounds unfamiliar, and you are totally overwhelmed? Don’t worry, it’s natural in the beginning. But if you’ve just begun learning Polish and this is your first Slavic language,…

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