• Polish cases: what do we need them for?

    I’m sure you have been wondering why we use grammatical cases in Polish, what are they, what do you need them for and why there are so many! What is a grammatical case? A grammatical case is a form of word that allows us to express the relationships between words in a sentence, something that…

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  • Survival Polish Christmas

    Survival Polish Christmas

    You’re going to a Polish Christmas dinner? Need basic Polish words and phrases to talk to your Polish family and friends? Spoko Polish Christmas elves are here to help you! The important days related to Boże Narodzenie w Polsce (Christmas in Poland) are:  Mikołajki (Saint Nicholas Day) when we give each other… ekhm Santa gives…

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  • How literal can I be?

    How literal can I be?

    So you’re already exploring the new universe of Polish. Perhaps you’re just looking around, not sure if you want to stay in it. Or maybe you’re already on the move, checking things here and there. Or you’ve gone through several levels and you’re craving more? In all of these stages, there is something you already…

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