Our methods

Through our friendly learning environment and a variety of modern teaching methods, we enable our students to achieve sustained progress and develop the skills and confidence to interact in Polish.

We draw on a rich toolkit of modern teaching techniques in our courses:

  • We talk about HOW to learn languages

    We explicitly speak to you about HOW you can realise your goal of learning a foreign language. We foster you to develop passion for language learning! Check out our Student’s Guide to Learning Polish to find out more about how language learning happens!


    Experiencing success (no matter how small!) is key to staying motivated to learn – there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to apply a new piece of knowledge! We teach contemporary Polish language that you can hear and use in everyday life on the streets to let you put your new knowledge into practice ASAP, giving you a sense of achievement and keeping you motivated to learn!

  • We give UNDERSTANDABLE explanations

    Polish language follows regular rules (grammar) which is necessary to learn in order to speak the language. We provide comprehensive, explicit explanations of how the language works to make sure this is transparent to you. In Polish language, these rules are quite complex, which is why up to level B1 we provide grammar explanations in a language you understand (English!) – there will be no hidden mysteries!

  • We have our own, unique STEP-BY-STEP system of teaching Polish grammar

    We strip complex concepts apart and feed them to you in digestible chunks, building a logical pathway to your understanding of grammar and ability to apply it in practice. We aim to avoid the ‘grammar overload’ that many people experience at other Polish schools. Our focus is to provide you with the best results through minimum effort.

  • CEFR-based curriculum

    While virtually all Polish textbooks and schools follow an old system of teaching Polish based on overwhelming grammar drills, only slightly adapted to the CEFR level system (A1, A2, etc.), we create our own curriculum based directly on the actual EU language level descriptions! With us, being on A1 level doesn’t mean knowing an X number of cases and tenses, but having actual communication skills!

  • Students are ACTIVE participants

    People learn by DOING. We’ll involve you in discussions and analysis to lead you to discover how the language is functioning for yourself – in this way, you develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge and are more likely to remember it! Rather than giving you a pre-made grammatical table and asking you to memorise it (common practice in many Polish schools!), in a Spoko Polish class you will co-construct the table (or diagram!) through analysing the patterns in the language, under the guidance of the teacher, ensuring that you fully understand what the structure is. We’ll involve you as an ACTIVE participant in building your new knowledge.

  • We use APPS & TECH to learn

    To acquire a new language, your new knowledge needs to move from your short-term to long-term memory, to let this knowledge become automic.We’ll be showing you intelligent apps that can aid the memorisation work needed for language acquisition.

  • We CONNECT to the familiar

    We use stories, mnemonics tricks and comparisons to languages you understand to help you associate words and concepts with things you already know – this helps your brain store and recall new knowledge!

  • “Spoko” means “COOL”

    We strive to create a fun and engaging atmosphere in class. Our teachers are positive, bubbly and friendly people who are excited to connect with you as a person. Our teaching programs include creative, open-ended tasks and games to keep you engaged and let you express yourself!

  • Respectful, safe, INCLUSIVE learning environment

    A sense of safety is fundamental to the learning process. We take anti-discrimination seriously and are consciously working to design language learning materials that are more inclusive and reflect the tolerant Polish society we’re striving to contribute to.