English, Russian

JUREK is passionate about linguistics and acquiring foreign languages. He loves learning and teaching. He graduated in robotics, hitchhiked around half the world, lived and worked in 6 countries on 3 continents before coming back to his home country to connect his passions through teaching his native language to foreigners. He can speak, understand or read about 10 languages from 5 different language families to a various extent.

In teaching, inspired by robotics, he focuses on deconstructing complex concepts and feeding them to you in digestible chunks, providing the best effort-to-results ratio. He loves to help people associate words and concepts with things they’re already familiar with and use other tricks that have helped him learn languages himself. He believes language is an ever-evolving, living organism we can all shape and instead of conservative correctness, we should focus on effectively delivering our thoughts. He loves how Polish allows you to be extremely playful with the language.