Polish learning materials for foreigners: Autumn blues. Find out what activities can make you feel better. A2 level.


Improve your Polish with our A2 level (pre-intermediate) Polish reading, listening and exercises!

Do you want to know more about how to deal with autumn blues?

This pdf includes:
– text
– audio recording
– conversational questions
– 11 exercises
– vocabulary list
– voice recording
– answer key.
Total of 12 pages.

Deal with autumn blues and improve your Polish thanks to the text about how to deal with feeling down when the days get shorter and the summer ends! This worksheet is suitable for people learning Polish as a foreign language, live or work in Poland, expats and Erasmus students, people preparing for Polish state exams needed for Karta Pobytu, have family roots in Poland or are planning to relocate to Poland.

Short Polish description:
Ćwiczenia w pdf do nauki języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców: tekst o jesiennej chandrze. Poziom A2 (podstawowy).
Pdf zawiera:
– tekst (czytanka)
– pytania do rozwinięcia tematu
– 11 ćwiczeń
– nagranie
– listę słówek
– klucz odpowiedzi.

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