How literal can I be?

So you’re already exploring the new universe of Polish. Perhaps you’re just looking around, not sure if you want to stay in it. Or maybe you’re already on the move, checking things here and there. Or you’ve gone through several levels and you’re craving more? In all of these stages, there is something you already have which can help you with your Polish. This skill is called… your own language!

How is that possible? While learning a new language, it’s natural to initially think in your own language. So when you try to say something in Polish, you sometimes end up translating things that work in your language into Polish literally. And sometimes the effect is hilarious, but at other times – very correct and very helpful.

Examples? Well, on the spot I can give you… on the spot. 

na [on] + miejscu [the top] = na miejscu

The next one is on the tip of my tongue because it is.. on the tip of the tongue.

na [on] + końcu [the tip] + języka [of the tongue] = na końcu języka

What was that? Instead of saying something in Polish, you prefer to bury your head in the sand? Try saying that in Polish:

chowam [I bury] + głowę [my head] + w [in] + piasek [the sand] = chować głowę w piasek

But instead of doing that, I advise you to:

trzymać [keep] + głowę [your head] + wysoko [high] = trzymać głowę wysoko

ustalić [set] + cel [an objective] = ustalić cel

pozostać [stay] + na kursie [the course] = pozostać na kursie

And keep learning Polish, even if for the time being you’re translating everything into it literally.

And if you’re interested in learning more expressions and mastering all of them, check the Polish online courses at our school and learn Polish in a fun, progressive way.

Written by Irka